IHM Compliance

What is IHM?

IHM is a list that provides ship-specific information on the actual hazardous materials present on board, their location and approximate quantities. The IHM has following parts:

I. Materials contained in ship structure or equipment
II. Operationally generated wastes, and
III. Stores

IHM Part I for new ships should be developed at the design and construction stage based on suppliers’ declarations on hazardous material content of the products. The determination of hazardous materials present on board existing ships should, as far as practicable, be conducted as prescribed for new ships. Alternatively, in case where documentation is not available, samples shall be taken from the ships to investigate on the hazardous materials.

Deadline for Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) requirements


Why is this important?

A comprehensively compiled IHM can help you minimise risk, potential liabilities, and enhance the safety of your ships’ crews by identifying, recording and controlling hazardous materials onboard your ships, in line with existing and forthcoming legislation.

As well as assisting with your in-house management systems, you can demonstrate your commitment to safe and environmentally sound practices at the end of your ship’s life.

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