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Sysmac’s audit services in UAE and across the globe include internal audit and control system reviews and Information Systems Audit and Risk Management.

We assist companies navigate risks and elevate the role of Internal Audits with the help of our seasoned professionals.

Managements today requires experienced internal auditors to address concerns in risk management, internal control environment assessments, process improvements and regulatory compliance.

In Management system standards there are three main categories of audits, which depend on the relationship between the auditor and the person being audited. These are called first-party audits, second-party audits, and third-party audits.

First-party audits are often called internal audits. This is the process organization itself audit processes to ensure the compliance against standards. Sysmac helps organization to conduct First-Party / Internal Audit. Sysmac conduct audit of organization’s processes, audit reports are provided for each department.

Second-party audit is when organization performs an audit of a Supplier to ensure that they are meeting the requirements specified in the contract. It involves special control over certain processes, traceability of parts, specific documentation etc.

Third-party audit occurs when a company has decided to achieve ISO certification and hire an independent company (Certification bodies) to perform an audit. Sysmac has tied up with most reputable certification bodies and we recommend our clients to choose Certification body, we assist our client during certification audit.

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