T systems today are a critical resource to any business no matter their size or industry. They hold the most important strategic asset an organization has at its disposal as they depend more and more on technology to promote and deliver their products to the market. However, concerns are increasingly being raised about IT services, internal and outsourced, not aligning with the needs of businesses and customers. Therefore, a right set of support processes and management needs to be in place to become successful.

Nowadays, organizations adopt a systematic approach to improve their IT service systems to fulfill their need for cost-efficient, reliable and effective IT service management practices. A well-managed IT services system always forms as the backbone of business success.

The main objective of this standard is to enable every organization to establish, implement, maintain and improve their Information Technology Service Management System.

The adoption of ISO/IEC20000, the world’s first international standard for IT Service Management has grown rapidly and it has become a competitive differentiator for delivery of IT services. ISO/IEC20000 is a process-based approach designed for continual improvement and is split into distinct parts: